The virtues of the floral water hamamlis

The secret has long been hamamlis gard by the Indians of America have discovered its virtues for centuries. This plant native to North America is currently operating in the world of cosmtique and many other areas for its various properties which confrent her fabulous virtues. The hamamlis form of floral or hydrolate water provides many benefits, especially for the health of the skin.

Qu’Appelle do we hydrolate?

The hydrosol or floral water is a substance rsultant the steam distillation of water from a plant yields. It is softer that the active molecules concentration is lower. Floral water is less harmful and can be used without too many precautions. The hydrosol is useful both cosmtique in the kitchen, not to mention the treatment of certain pathologies. You can use floral water such or diluted in some cosmetics or recipes.

The properties of the hamamlis hydrolate

The hamamlis hydrolate dot is a powerful antioxidant power in addition to its antiseptic and astringent properties. It is recommended to disinfect the fat and sensitive skin types. Mature skin can also be treated with the medicated water. This floral water also soothes some cutaneous inflammation and accelerates healing of small lesions. Since it contains many aromatic particles, the hamamlis hydrolate is also very useful in the kitchen.

Using the floral water hamamlis

The hamamlis flower water can be used pure or diluted state. It is particularly Idale skin, especially the face when used as dmaquillante lotion. A regular use of this water will have a unified complexion and healthy skin. It can also serve to relieve heavy legs when keeps you cool thanks to its toning property that stimulates blood circulation. In addition, hamamlis water allows to come after the films when used as rinsing water. In cooking, this floral water is used to flavor many dishes and even drinks. The hydrosol hamamlis can also be used to perfume the laundry when washing or ironing.

» The virtues of the floral water hamamlis