The therapeutic uses of the lesser celandine

The lesser celandine or grass to hmorrodes Its scientific name Ranunculus ficaria. It belongs to the family of Renonculaces. All parts of the plant are usable except the rods. Indeed, in recent and mature leaves contain protoanmonine, an irritating and toxic substance. Nevertheless, it disappears during the drying and firing. The root of the lesser celandine is bulges, ovode and fleshy. This tuber contains tannin, of htrosides and starch. In addition, it contains alkaloids such as chlidoine the cholrythrine, and protoanmine that have a beneficial effect on the skin. Saponosides also prsents in the root of the lesser celandine. These substances are the active ingredients of the plant. These include the htrosides and hdragnine. In addition, it contains the olanique acid, triterpnes and nmoine. On the other hand, the leaves of the lesser celandine are green dark and clear the outside inside. They are heart-shaped and Paisses. These leaves are rich in vitamin C. They dgagent essential oil.

The main indications for use of lesser celandine

The lesser celandine is mainly indicated to treat painful hmorrode accompanied frquentes desires to go to the bathroom. In this case, a poultice of hot cooked leaves is done. Otherwise, it is also possible to prepare a decoction of 15 g of root in a pint of water. This decoction is to consume 3 cups per day. A decoction of 20 g of root in a pint of water can also be applied to the hmorrode. Otherwise, the lesser celandine is able to heal tumors and anal infections. It can treat the condition of the colon. It is prconise in case of disturbances or diseases of the urinary sphere, comprising the bladder and kidneys. It is also indicated in cases of jaundice. On the other hand, it is effective in treating heavy legs. In addition, it treats cutaneous diseases such as scabies and pruritus. In this case, take a bath with leaves. This plant is also recommended in case of problem of lacrimal secretions, of joint swelling or swelling of the gums. Finally, it is advisable in case of circulatory disorder.

» The therapeutic uses of the lesser celandine