The Requests, a plant reminralisante

The REQUESTS existed for over 250 million years. This plant is 20 cm high, not possde flowers and reproduces thanks spores. She is nicknamed ponytail because it was often attaches the tail of horses to chase flies. In Greek antiquity, it was used to stop bleeding of cutaneous wounds. It was not until the 16th century that its reminralisantes virtues have been recognized. The REQUESTS is used to relieve joint and bone pain. In Ayurvedic medicine and in amrindiennes tribes, the REQUESTS is used to treat disorders of the urinary tract.

The REQUESTS is a plant that possde astringent properties and idales diuretics to treat rheumatism. It is also rich in flavonoids, in CONTENTS minrales like potassium. But is best known for REQUESTS be very rich in silica that it Confre its therapeutic virtues. Silica is a trace element that helps maintain and renew connective tissues and promotes the absorption of calcium. The REQUESTS is used for nail care and hair, to treat sprains and fractures. It also relieves the cutaneous irritation such as eczma.

The prle in phytothrapie

The parts of the Arian REQUESTS are the most used in phytothrapie. They are put to dry after their harvest in June. Internally, we must infuse March 2 grams Sches plants in 20 cl of boiling water for 15 minutes. You should drink 3 cups of this tea daily. To treat problems rnaux, rheumatism, osteoporosis, bone fractures and spasmophilia, it is sufficient to macrer 2 4 g of plant dries in 20 ml water cold for 12 hours. After having been filtered, the preparation can drink twice during the day. Liquid extract, pour 25 drops in a glass of water, drink 4 times per day.

Externally, infusion or maceration explains prcdemment can be applied on the skin or added to the bath to promote healing. For some small wounds, simply boil 10 g of plant dries in one liter of water for 10 15 minutes. After having been filtered and cooled, the preparation is applied as a compress on the wound several times a day. A cure REQUESTS once a year allows bnficier of all these benefits. The REQUESTS is against-indicated for pregnant women, children and people with heart problems or rnaux. It does not mix with other plants or drugs.

» The Requests, a plant reminralisante