The Phytothrapie against the acn

Recall that hormones are the main cause of acne. They act directly on the scrtion of sebum, census protect our skin. The skin becomes shiny and prolifrent buttons. The face, neck and upper back are the main places touchs.

Many solutions exist to fight against those unsightly pimples. Between dermatological breads, lotions, gels antibactriens … find the solution fits your problems.

This can stepfather surprising but know that some plants can be trsbnfiques in some cases. This is the herbal treatment or Phytothrapie.

Let’s round the side of plants to propritsbnfiques in MATIRE skin problems.

Virtues of burdock

Burdock is one of the most used for purposes antibactriennes plants. It comes against the acne and eczma. It also has a diuretic share (promotes abundant water elimination through the kidneys).

Anti-infective, she fights a different number of cutaneous lesions. You can even cook your preparation-based Burdock. For optimum effectiveness, drink a glass of water morning and evening, pralablement filled half a spoon of coffee this plant. Perform this simple gesture and daily about two months. Know also that you can ingrdient this form of mother tincture.

Virtues of wild thinking

Think Wild is known for its advantages dtoxifiantes. So Idale as a treatment against acne. For three months, morning and evening drink a glass of water with thirty drops of extract of wild thought.

Virtues of calendula

Healing, antiseptic, Calendula will satisfy you. Pour a few drops of Calendula on a compress or cotton. Apply on the area treated twice daily.

Virtues of the nettle

Nettle is recommended in infusion or glules. It is a plant rich in minerals salts and vitamins (A and C). In infusion, a teaspoon of nettle enough for a cup. For an effective, three cups a day is highly recommended, and that for twenty days. If you prefer the glules, swallow two in the morning and two at night and this in two months.

The advantages of the elder tree and eucalyptus

An excerpt fumigation Sureau and Eucalyptus allow bad pores and make disappear s’vacuer dead skin. The Elderberry has anti-inflammatory properties, while the flower Eucalyptus is antiseptic.

The preparation is fast: just infuse extracts of Elderberry extract of Eucalyptus (put a quantity Elder twice Suprieure) in water pralablement door boil. Take a towel to cover your head and lean ten minutes above the infusion. You will have an intense freshness sensation and your paratra more radiant face.

For all these examples, do not hesitate to seek advice from your dermatologist who will prescribe the spcifique treatment adapted to your skin problems. Allier a daily skin cleansing a herbal cure should quickly avrer effective.

» The Phytothrapie against the acn