The Phytotherapy for children

The phytopdiatrie or Phytotherapy destined to children today offers parents an alternative choice to ensure the health of their offspring without resorting to chemicals. In recent decades, the REMDES of grandmother are back in family medicine boxes to treat the small and the great evils of children.

The Phytotherapy, a medicine which through the centuries

The herbal medicine is part soft mdecines that employ only natural products. Some people remain skeptical about the therapeutic advantages of certain plants or are against the use of this type of REMDES, but the fact that revenues have through the centuries and borders is indeed a evidence of their effectiveness.

It is first in nature that our aeux then have everything they needed to relieve pain, to heal the wounds or to heal certain diseases of all family members, including children in low age. Many existing drugs also use therapeutic properties of plants.

The phytopdiatrie: natural care for everyday ailments

Today, Phytotherapy is even advised by pdiatres for the treatment of certain chronic or specific diseases affecting children, natural products as less aggressive for children’s bodies. Proposed as a syrup or glules, infusion or decoction, some plants provide excellent results in the treatment of colds and allergies or other respiratory conditions, as well as in treatment sleep disorders and gastrointestinal disorders, in particular diarrhes and bloating. There is also the creams and gels that do not sting to clean wounds, relieve irritations and skin problems of the child.


As aromatherapy, there are in Phytotherapy plants or prparations unsuitable for children. It is therefore advisable to be well informed before drench a child, including REMDES homemade. If in doubt, it is strongly recommended to contact a specialist, or phytothrapeute qualified herbalist. Also, be sure to keep the products out of the reach of children.

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