The green tea

The tea is probably the most popular drink and is one of the oldest. There are several types of ths: black tea, white tea and green tea. But it is best known thanks to its therapeutic virtues. The green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, a Chinese plant. For 3,000 years, green tea is consumed for its therapeutic properties in China, India and Japan. Numerous studies have lean on green tea noting the benefits of it on the Japanese, who are the biggest consumers of green tea. Indeed, it has been noticed that there is a link between the lack of cancer and the consumption of green tea in an individual.

The green tea is recognized as a drink with a thousand virtues thanks to the antioxidants it contains. The polyphenols contained offers him its antioxidant properties. The thine is certainly an exciting lment but is less active than cafine contained in the caf. In a green tea sch include vitamins C, E and B, but also the btacarotne and chlorophyll. Bnficier for the properties of green tea, it must be consumed in infusion with a daily consumption of 5 10 g.

The therapeutic properties of green tea

Green tea brings thousands of benefits to our health. It is an effective slimming drink for those of you who follow a weight loss diet thanks to its properties diuretics. Also green tea presents very few calories. During a slimming diet, the body needs a large amount of water. The green tea may well complter water loss and can even make use of appetite suppressants as consumed between meals. Finally, still on a slimming diet, the green tea helps fight against tiredness. However, the regime and green tea consumption must be Accompanied physical exercise to be effective.

The elements contained in the green tea such as catchines also fight against neuro-degenerative diseases. The beverage Prevents the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The green tea also promotes relaxation of the body but also mentally. This food supplement also fight against cancer especially those provoqus by smoking and poor diet. To the regular consumption of green tea helps treat cardiovascular disease. Green tea acts on the heart, relaxes the arteries and blocks the formation of clots.

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