The essential oils, natural sleeping pills vritables

Chamomile is rpute for its calming properties, and lnifiantes sdatives. It acts in depth on all the vital system to calm nerves, relax muscles and reduce tension. To be most effective, it is best to use chamomile form of essential oil. For this, you will have that inhaling the product so that it integrates all your body and act in minutes. To begin, place the substance in a flask narrow opening, then tye of light. Inhale the essential oil of chamomile five times with each nostril. If you bouch nose, you can even go jusuq ‘ten inspirations for well dgager airways. Close the bottle and put you warm in your bed Within five minutes, you will certainly already in the process of dreaming.

Use an electric diffuser loaded with essential oils

If your insomnia is caused by mental fatigue or overwork, simply capture particles of essential oils to sleep. For double efficiency, opt for a mix of essential oils of small grain bitter orange, mandarin and ravintsara. Thanks to their relaxing properties and anti-irritability, these products guarantee a deep sleep until dawn. Pour 3 ml of essential oil of ravintsara, 3 ml of Mandarin essential oil, and 3 ml of essential oil Petitgrain in an electric diffuser. Plug the diffuser an hour before your bedtime and the Unplug when you rveillerez morning. You will be amazed at the effect that such practices substances on the quality of your sleep.

A massage with essential oils cocktail

If you fall asleep very quickly, but your sleep never lasts more than half an hour, the essential oils will make you the most good. In a closed vial, add 6.5 ml of vegetable oil Calophylle. Throw in 0.5 ml of essential oil of lavender super with 0.5 ml of essential oil of lemony verbena. Half an hour before bedtime, massage your solar plexus with this mix. Be REGULAR in your massages for thirty days and forget insomnia.

» The essential oils, natural sleeping pills vritables