The essential oils effective against flu

Influenza is often inseparable from the winter period. Influenza episodes can even be very bothersome, until affect the proper realization of our daily tasks. For those who prefer natural care drugs, here are some essential oils have the house.

The essential oil Ravintsara, to better fight against viruses

An epidemic of flu is primarily a virus propagation history. The essential oil is an antiviral Ravintsara par excellence. This essential oil extracted from a plant native to Madagascar, is particularly effective for everything related to the ENT system. It also possde other virtues: it is an anti-inflamamtoire, an expectorant and bactricide.

This oil can be used in atmosphrique broadcast or for a massage. In this case, pour in two or three drops on the lower chest and especially on the lower back. Massage slowly four five times a day.

On mdical opinion, essential oil is also used in Ravintsara swallowed. Pour a drop on a teaspoon of honey or half a sugar. Let this mix melt under the tongue.

The essential oil of eucalyptus radiata, an anti-nose Remde bouch

The essential oil of eucalyptus radiata or Eucalyptus radi is extracted from a tree that grows in Australia. Among other virtues, this essential oil is dcongestionnante. It is perfect for the hygiene of the respiratory tract and strengthens the immune defenses. It is also to end the state of fatigue, even exhaustion that often accompanies flu condition.

Five drops of essential oil of eucalyptus radiata in a bowl of water and inhalation frmissante produce apprciables results. You can also use a drop of essential oil that combines a drop of essential oil Ravintsara for faster relief.

In cutaneous use, pour a drop of essential oil of eucalyptus radiata on the top of the nose, and massage. Or pour a drop on a sugar cube that you then place under the tongue.

The essential oil of tea tree, to strengthen the immune defenses

The essential tea tree oil or Tea Tree helps boost immunity and possde anti-infective and antiseptic. It is very rarely used in broadcast atmosphrique because its smell is not very pleasant. Ingestion is not recommended as mdicale indication.

The most frquente use of essential tea tree oil massage, diluting it in the vegetable oil macadamia. You can also use other vegetable oil. Use this mix to massage the chest and the folds of the knees and elbow. The opration is ritrer two or three times daily for five days.

» The essential oils effective against flu