The essential oil of nard: stimulate the regrowth of your hair!

The essential oil of lemon grass is one of the most natural essences taken and USIT in the world of cosmtique. It is particularly rpute to be an excellent natural hair care, in addition to its other virtues.

Properties of essential oil of nard.

Nard also responds to the appellation of «nardostachys jatamansi», «nard jatamansi» or «Himalayan nard.» This plant grows naturally in Nepal. Its essential oil is obtained by distillation of the roots of the flower. It recognizes by its sweet scent and woodpecker. In addition to being easy to use, it has many benefits for our body. nard essential oil has its virtues Medicinal Uses its active components including calarne or beta-gurjunne. Because of its calming properties, it is recommended for people with heart problems to those that suffer from disorders of the respiratory system and since spasmophiles promotes blood circulation.

As a stimulating gasoline par excellence, the essential oil of nard is mostly in use because it stimulates hair growth. It is an excellent hair tonic and can be in use as beauty care complment daily. In addition, the essential oil of nard is beneficial for the skin. It treats psoriasis and other cutaneous infections such as varicose veins. Moreover, this essence stimulates the ovaries work.

How to use the essential oil of nard Himalaya?

Himalayan nard essential oil is used externally. As is the case for traditional hair lotions, it is applied directly to the hair.

It is used as a massage oil, after having a mix vgtale lightweight oil to treat respiratory disorders and heart problems. One can also combine the essential oil of nard vgtale the beauty-leaf oil to improve blood and venous circulation.

For the treatment of psoriasis, simply apply it to the areas cutaneous altres. In this case, it can work bowl with essential oils of camomile, cedar Atlas of verbnone rosemary and rosemary camphor. Complte We usually mix it with vegetable oil of musk rose.

In addition, the essential oil of nard jatamansi can be used as a sedative. Mix of essential oils of marjoram and Roman chamomile, it helps quilibrer motions.

» The essential oil of nard: stimulate the regrowth of your hair!