The different applications of aromatherapy

For millennia, ancient civilizations and in most plants they Pharmacopoeia. Currently, it uses the aromatherapy in varis areas, whether mdical or otherwise. A brief overview of the applications of aromatherapy.

The application fields of aromatherapy

Studies have dmontr the effectiveness of essential oils to treat diseases. Are, inter alia infectious diseases, rheumatism, cough. Be mentioned later the use of aromatherapy psychologically. Indeed, essential oils such as rosemary are known for their anti-stress properties, like bergamot who rule the insomnia problems. Moreover, dtenant of extenuating properties, ylang ylang and lavender to relieve anxiety states.

The aromatherapy is also used in cosmetics care, like the rose employed as anti-aging or grapefruit to fight cellulite. The aromatherapy also helps make daily life easier by enhancing the taste of recipes or providing singulire scent in perfumes. As maintenance home products are used aromatic plant extracts such as air purifier or as insecticides. Add water lye, essential oils of orange and nroli pleasantly perfumed laundry.

The modes of application of essential oils

According to the amount and the effect escompt, aromatic plant extracts are applied in different ways. First, by inhalation of hot water vapor containing essential oil drops. The effect is almost immdiat. One can also administer essential oils orally. However, it is useful to know that essential oils can be absorbed purely, they must be taken as a tea, in pill form or added together honey. This is the case of carrot oil for stimulating the liver.

In the bath, essential oils possdent relaxing effects, sedatives and nergisants much on the body and mind. It is a concentrated energy that we are offering with some mint oil drops pepper diluted in the bath water. Another method of application, massages are very priss. Then simply choose the essential oil used according to its virtues: relaxing, slimming and toning. Oils pntrent quickly through the pores and act Manire spontaneous on the body. Finally, the poultice and dissemination atmosphrique are also part of the modes of application of the most effective essential oils.

» The different applications of aromatherapy