The benefits of vetiver

The vtiveria zizanioides its botanical name, better known under the name of vetiver, is a herbaceous plant, the family of Poaces. She is originally from Sri Lanka and India, but it also presents in all countries tropical climate. It develops in particular Madagascar, the Caribbean and Indonesia.

The vetiver, Idale the plant for health and cosmtique

The vetiver is distinguished from other plants by its form. This plant is a clot enchevtr and white roots. In Oriental tradition, the vetiver has been used for its aromatic properties, they are assembled braid to form a mat or curtains. The vetiver is also a research plant, it is rpute antidpressives for its advantages sdatives and curative. It is also an essential basis for dermatological treatments and cosmetics care.

Through its rewarding advantages, the vetiver is a research plant, and very rich in therapeutic properties. As awareness of the value of vetiver, it has been obvious to extract its essential oil. vetiver essential oil is obtained from the distillation of the roots. This essential oil is particularly characterizes its particular components that are vtivnol and vtivne, and its scent very pleasant. This essential oil smells both boise, dries and soft. This essential oil of vetiver is a widely complte essential oil, it is indicated to treat problems of blood circulation, of artrielles tension, insomnia, cases of depression or just to relax. It is also used to treat diseases and cutaneous infections, and is also employed as lment essential in the manufacture of cosmetics products.

The essential oil of vetiver, oil of healing and well-being

In the middle of the cosmtique, the essential oil of vetiver is employed mainly in the perfume composition and in the manufacture of cosmetics products (soap, dmaquillantes milks or lotions, waters toiletries, fragrances, …) it is an ideal component for its both wooded and sweet smell; and its therapeutic qualities. She also possde of properties particulires blemish to have a shinning complexion. It also effectively treats problems acniques and oily skin. Nevertheless, the strong smell of this essential oil is attnue upon dilution of this essential oil.

Vetiver essential oil is also recognized by its therapeutic properties, it has relaxing properties. It helps to soothe particularly of anxiety states and depression. It also helps to treat muscle pain and rheumatism and varicose veins and hmorrodes. It also promotes blood circulation to be healthy. It is an essential ally to sleep again or to dgourdir legs when tired. Just add a few drops of essential oil of vetiver in a massage oil to relieve the aches and muscle contractions. It is mainly used in baths or massage to relax and get a feeling of well-being and healing, especially for people in state of asthnie, dpressives or insomniacs. This essential oil is also known for its antiseptic properties.

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