The advantages of rooibos

Rooibos means «reddish bush» is a plant that grows only in South Africa in the Cedarberg north of Cape Town. His preparation infusion gives a reddish color and taste and sugared fruit rich in antioxidants.

The two varieties of rooibos

Cultivated for over 300 years by the unworthy people, rooibos is a plant that belongs to the family of legumes. This bush up to 1.5 m tall, with a stem that branches into several branches with light green leaves in form of needles. The flowers appear in spring and contain only fruit with a single seed. Rooibos is dcline in two varieties: rooibos sch call green rooibos and rooibos red tea close call that is most consumed.

Sch Rooibos is rich in antioxidants polyphenols unlike rooibos close. The red tea is obtained by a fermentation process that gives it that characteristic red. In infusion, rooibos is a dsaltrante drink that contains no cafine nor thine. An infusion extends not altrera his taste, because it is low in tannins. Pa compared to tea, Rooibos is low in vitamins and trace elements. This drink is very appreciates in South Africa and is the national drink. The country produced thousands of tonnes per year for export to Europe, Asia and America.

The advantages of rooibos

Rooibos is rich in antioxidant thereby fight against the aging of cells. It is recalled that antioxidants or polyphenols are common elements to plants. They are divided into two: the flavonoids and phnoliques acids. Even if it contains a lower antioxidant content with respect to tea, rooibos possde advantages which prviennent cancer. Rooibos is also the only plant that contains aspalatine. It is important to choose rooibos from organic farming for goteux and healthy effect.

Rooibos relieves colic, digestive disorders and sleep disorders. It is effective for allergies, eczmas and buttocks rhythms. Multiple in vitro and animal studies have shown that rooibos may prvenir the DNA mutations and cell abnormalities. No clinical study has given to precise results on the effect of Rooibos on the same cancer if the studies have shown that prvenait the development of skin tumors mice and liver cancer in rats. Rooibos is commercialized as ferments or green, in bulk or in bags for infusion.

» The advantages of rooibos