Prevent and treat cystitis thanks to the phytothrapie

Bladder inflammation that handicaps more particularly women, cystitis can be treated Manire of 100% natural. Just connatre plants used in Remde, but also those that we consume as prventif.

Prvenir cystitis thanks cranberry and cranberry

Cystitis can be vites just by drinking plenty of water, due to a liter and a half a day. Vitamin C is also effective to reduce the risk of ignition. However, this is not always enough. To help the body against the development of inflammation and the underlying principles of phytothrapie, we can appeal to the virtues of cranberries or cranberry. Consumed in glule or juice, this plant would limit the adhrence of bacteria on the cells in the urinary tract. It is therefore an ideal prventif in the same way as cranberries. also used to prvenir cystitis the cranberry berries serve to disinfect the urinary tract and play the role of astringent. We consume the juice. To fully enjoy the effects of these two prventives plants, however, it is necessary to follow a REGULAR treatment.

Treat cystitis thanks lemon, birch and using a herbal anticystite

Before selecting plants, note that water is an excellent Remde to get rid more easily cystitis. Ds the onset of symptoms, drink a glass of water every hour can increase urinary volume and evacuate quickly the bacteria responsible for inflammation. Otherwise, lemon turns very effective in treating cystitis. The Remde is obtained by adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to boiling water. Every two hours, drinking 60 ml of the cooled drink is beneficial. In addition, birch, as disinfectant of the urinary tract, can fight against cystitis. One can enjoy its effects as glule or prepares tea from its leaves Sches. Finally, we can treat cystitis thanks a tea base 25 grams of birch leaves, 45 grams of bear right and 30 grams of licorice root.

» Prevent and treat cystitis thanks to the phytothrapie