Pregnancy and essential oils: a mix extremely delicate

During pregnancy, certain drugs are cons-indiqus to relieve minor aches unpleasant. Can a solution be in essential oils? Maybe not as much as we would like, because the use of certain rvler can be dangerous, especially for the baby.

Aromatherapy and pregnancy: the dangers despite some good points

Even if the therapy with essential oils has of being deserves an almost natural treatment, it has not ngligeables risks to a pregnant woman. It is therefore essential to connatre the danger they might reprsenter. It is important to know that most of the essential oils are strictly prohibited in the first three months of pregnancy. Indeed, essential oils may pass through the placenta of women, which is potentially dangerous to the fetus in formation. Therefore, they can entraner a spontaneous abortion. They can also pass into breast milk. In this case, we must determine that they contain no molcule can be toxic to the mother as for the baby.

The key is to know how to use wisely and above all very watered down. In this case, they manage nvralgiques relieve some pain, prvenir stretch marks or stop the nausea. Used in broadcast mode, essential oils allow the woman to relax and dstresser. In some cases, they fight against insomnia and prviennent even of the so-called baby blues.

The authorized oils and avoid those

Here is the list of essential oils authorized but well dtermines periods. Throughout the duration of the pregnancy, are used the oils of bergamot, cardamom, lemon, mastic, mandravasarotra, chamomile, orange and lemony verbena. The only authorized oil from the 4th month of pregnancy: tea tree, H wood, cistus, tarragon, eucalyptus radi, citronn eucalyptus gaulthrie, ginger, fragrant inula, laurel, tangerine peel, niaouli, compact oregano, oregano Greece, small grain bitter orange, ravintsara, tansy and ylang-ylang.

Essential oils avoided are: basil, cinnamon, celery, the cedar, fennel, hyssop, the genivre, jasmine, marjoram, mlisse, mint , nutmeg, myrrh, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme. To these are added the pink, lavender, chamomile and geranium, particularly during the first four months.

» Pregnancy and essential oils: a mix extremely delicate