Phytothrapie: think the wild, combines an oily and acniques

Dpurative, astringent, healing and antioxidant, the think is a great very combines skin for its various therapeutic actions against acne, the eczma and other cutaneous diseases . It also rgule the scrtion of sebum and beautifies oily skin.

The wild thought, a plant for Idale dsintoxiquer skin

His propritsdpuratives, wild must think the saponins it contains. In fresh and traditional medicine, it helps primarily treat cutaneous disorders such as eczma, the acne or psoriasis in eliminating toxic residues in the blood dermatological purposes. The saponins also confrent him diuretics properties. Externally, its properties healing and anti-inflammatory form of a very think prcieuse plant in dermatology and cosmtique.

In phytothrapie, wild guess is appreciates for its laxative action, as fbrifuge and blood thinner. The presence of mucilage helps the intestinal transit. But the think is its main virtues bnfiques skin its richness in flavonoids, tannin, saponins in drivs salicyls, vitamins E and C. With a double purifying action internally and externally, the think is a combined oily skin who suffer from excessive sebum scrtion of.

The savage believed to beautify oily and acne cure

Limiting the production of sebum and purifies the blood, penserduit the same time the risk of pimples. Therefore, it is Idale to fight against the acne MODRES shoots. Internally, take 2 or 3 cups of tea in the day. Prepare the infusion by adding 20 g of 30 flower think Fraches or to the Entire plant in a liter of boiling water, except the roots.

The wild thought is also in the form of Tablets or glules. Take glules March 2 a day or 2 Tablets per day Accompanied by a large glass of water. Externally, the infusion of thinking will be used as a lotion to eliminate the excesses of fat and other impurities. Vitamin E has a prventif effect against wrinkles and stretch marks thanks to its antioxidant properties.

» Phytothrapie: think the wild, combines an oily and acniques