Phytothrapie: are there any dangers?

The phytothrapie is used in a vgtaux prventif goal and sometimes curative mode. By itself, not phytothrapie represents danger. It is in the use made there could be risks. Nevertheless, some basic rules must be scrupulously respected for phytothrapie safely.

The risks of using plants

If we eat plants raw state, there is risk of overdosing or underdosing. In addition, the properties of plants can be more or less altres depending on many factors: the place where they grow, the light they reoivent an eventual pollution. The Ingres quantities are not contrles.

Some plants can cause side effects and some are even toxic and / or death.

The precautions taken

It is advised to always contact a pharmacist or better, a specialist in phytothrapie before using any plant. And we must carefully follow the indiqus assays for himself.

It is not recommended to purchase plants raw state, of self-raliser even its own prparations and make automdication with the resulting product. It is best not to associate taking phytothrapiques products and taking chemical drugs. There may be an interaction. Better to go to a doctor prior notice.

What about essential oils?

Although they are healthy, natural and effective, there are precautions to take regarding their use.

First, always make a cutaneous tolerance test. This is done with a few drops of essential oil dposes either the inside of the wrist or the elbow crease. After a few hours, we will fix whether it araction are allergic.

In all cases, never put on the mucous membranes, the contours of the eyes or in the eyes. One should never use in injection and before use, one must usually dilute the essential oil, 20%, with vegetable oil. It depends very obviously essential oil.

It is strictly forbidden to use essential oil on a baby, a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, an elderly person and a pileptique. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist before use.

» Phytothrapie: are there any dangers?