Phytothrapie and diabetes

Some properties of eucalyptus leaf help reduce the level of sugar in the blood, it is consumed in the form of drops mother tincture or infusion. It can be ingre as an infusion, 3 cups a day.

Infuse a coffee spoon leaves Sches eucalyptus in boiling water for about ten minutes.

If you prefer eucalyptus essential oil, 2 drops 3 due to 3 times a day is enough. As mother tincture, 50 drops the same frequency bring the same results.

Bilberry leaf

In addition to the infusion of Sches eucalyptus leaves, the base blueberry leaves also brings the same profits. These leaves contain the glucoquinine, which also has hypoglycmiantes properties. This beverage may be realized with 10 g of blueberry leaves need infuse in one liter of water. March 2 cups drunk every day bring the escompts effects.

The olive leaf

The olive leaf is trsbnfique for people with diabetes. It not only helps reduce sugar levels in the blood, but also high blood pressure which are usually the subjects diabetics. It can be ingre infusion, but its effects are more important when it is taken in powder form of cryoground leaves or hydro alcoholic extract.

The Goji berry

Goji berry consumption of rich magnsium and chromium, allows rguler sugar levels in the blood. This native fruit of China is also a valuable ally for diabetics as it helps reduce their sugar cravings.


Cinnamon, which contains a compound call methylhydroxychalcone polymre, helps lower the glycmie well as cholesterol levels. Half a teaspoon consume regularly brings enough conclusive results after a few weeks of treatment only.

The balsam pear or bitter melon

The powder or extract of balsam pear or wild cucumber helps the regularization of glycmie. However, its effects are greater when it is consumed in powder form.

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