Parsley used in phytothrapie

Parsley is an herb that contains many useful substances in well-being of the body. Among them include vitamin C dose of 200 milligrams per 100 grams; the condiment thus contain more than lemon (100 milligrams per 100 grams) and more than the kiwi. Parsley also contains pro-vitamin A, vitamin E as well as iron and calcium. In ancient times, it was used to treat infections of the kidneys and bladder as well as chronic respiratory diseases. Since we adcouvert it contained other trace elements and minerals, including phosphorus, manganese, sulfur and the magnsium, it has decided to optimize its use phytothrapie. It allows rguler a high blood pressure rose, prevent and treat stomach disorders, but also to open the appetite. ideal regulator of the digestive system, parsley is perfect for relieving constipation, indigestion and bloating. It is also a very Remde took women thanks to its efficiency rguler menstruation and to stimulate the uterus. Finally, parsley is recognized as a anticancreux and effective aphrodisiac.

full advantage of the effects of parsley

First, be aware that eating parsley is highly dconseille to pregnant women because of its contragestive effect, as well as young children. Containing an allergen Limonne appeal, the plant must be an allergy test before use in sensitive people, especially if decides to use its essential oil. Otherwise, consume about 20 grams of daily parsley would enjoy its virtues and cover the same occasion its daily requirement of vitamin C. To do this, take a few fresh sprigs and mix them with a little water ; the ideal is to swallow the preparation every morning fasting. To enjoy the aphrodisiac effects of parsley, consume twenty minutes before reporting a tea base four cups of parsley chopped fresh thrown out of the fire in one liter of hot water; a cup of brew enough.

» Parsley used in phytothrapie