Parsley: do you know its benefits?

Serving mainly food condiment, parsley is a herbaceous plant with many therapeutic virtues. From the stem to the leaves, nothing is lost with this plant that turns trsbnfique for health.

Parsley can treat intestinal disorders

Parsley can act to the depths of our organization. Turning his hand dsodorisante property, it also allows for prvenir flatulence. It also helps to fight against constipation and promotes better digestion.

Parsley lightens the complexion and slows skin aging

With its antioxidant properties, parsley acts as a rust on the skin. She finds regenerates and dbarrasse free radicals. The strong presence of apignine allows particularly slow the cutaneous aging and delay the onset of wrinkles. Moreover, parsley can be a natural treatment that eliminates claircissant the same time the tasks cutaneous. It is not coincidence that it is very used in home care.

Parsley to treat cardiovascular disease

Thanks to its vitamin C and Apiol, parsley can improve the vasodilatation of the heart and tone the heart muscle. It is also prconis if palpitation, hypertension or poor blood circulation. However, do not abuse its use can irritate your kidneys.

Parsley to regularize the menstrual cycle

Like sage and chaste tree, parsley has a emmnagogue property. It relieves menstrual disorders and dclencher menstruation. It stimulates circulation thanks to the active substance Apiol that promotes blood flow regularization. It is prconis to make a parsley infusion treatment between the beginning of the menstrual cycle and dysmnorrhe.

Parsley contains an active principle anticancreux and anti-inflammatory

You can prvenir the risk of breast cancer, skin, cervix of the uterus, ovary and prostate regularly consuming parsley. The apignine is one of its components for effective rputs rgnrer the cellular tissue. Furthermore, this active ingredient can relieve inflammation and reduce irritation.

» Parsley: do you know its benefits?