Olfactothrapie: when the scent of essential oils is a source of well-being

For well-being every day, try olfactothrapie, this therapy uses odors that simply nent essential oils. In other words, there avritablement odors that wish us well, and this is all the interest of this emotional therapy.

The origins of olfactothrapie

Initiated in 1992 by the therapist and nergticien Gilles Fournil, the olfactothrapie is based on odor and vibration of certain categories of essential oils for remdier evil-being of a person following heavy motions or assists suffering. Indeed, although the smell is not among the prpondrants sense, the fact remains that it has an important place in everyday life and can make us up some moments of our existence Marqus us. A smell is instinctively combines a precise event. CONSIDERS as medicine parallel, the olfactothrapie is beneficial for mental health. It may very well heal certain ailments by odors.

Some essential oils slectionnes

To eliminate stress and relax, you can use the essential oil of bergamot both in the office that home. The essential oil of ylang-ylang, for her, because of its sweet scent and very characteristic, strongly recommends olfactothrapie for temprer anger and fear, but also sharpens the senses with its sensual fragrance. Sandalwood reserve also surprises us with the essential oil that is extracted. With its wooded and sweet fragrance, essential oil soothes the mind and promotes a feeling of relaxation. The essential oil of rosewood, for its part, helps hunt black ideas and stimulates self-assurance.

Odors that wish us well

The interest of the olfactothrapie is rsumerait these few simple words: «feel to feel better.» The essential oils used in olfactothrapie are primarily designed to provide well-being and we all gain by using this therapy. Much more than we think, smell plays an important role, despite the fact that these are the views and taste which often take over.

» Olfactothrapie: when the scent of essential oils is a source of well-being