Oil of parsley (Petroselinum sativum)

Used in infusion, the essential oil of parsley can fight against the stomach disorders, especially arophagie. This manifests mostly by flatulence, ructations (burping) and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Just then 3 drops of essential oil of parsley 250 ml of hot water. This drink is also recommended for the prvenir rtention of water problems (cellulitis, dropsy …), the rnaux problems and urinary tract infections. The essential oil of parsley tea also helps the regularization of menstrual cycles and promotes appetite.

The essential oil of parsley is also beneficial for external use. It relaxes the muscles and heals bruises. It decreases joint pain and muscle caused by gout. Furthermore, use of essential parsley oil is an effective natural method to relieve hmorrodes and varicose veins. Many women also use it to relieve painful menstruation. Use this product in an aromatic bath or a massage ciency to enjoy all these benefits. Uses inhaled, essential oil dgage airways to fight asthma and cough.

Precautions for use and cons-indications of the essential oil of parsley

The assets contained in the essential oil of parsley are very concentrs. These may harm the health of vulnerable people, including young children and pregnant women. Pregnant women are also highly vulnerable, since the components of the essential oil of parsley are very contragestifs. One can use entraner a spontaneous abortion, regardless of the age of the pregnancy. The parsley essential oil also contains Limonne, a compound that can be allergen for some people. Sensitive individuals should apply a drop of the product on the skin before use to test their tolerance to Limonne.

Know also that the essential oil of parsley should in no case be in contact with eyes. Avoid also to apply to mucous membranes. In any case, consult your product using your physician before use to be sure that the product is compatible with your general condition. Indeed, the misuse of the essential oil of parsley can be harmful. Moreover, the essential oil of parsley is used dilutes mostly externally. Direct contact of the product concentrated with skin may indeed cause redness and other irritation.

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