Nettle and his innumerable virtues

Often feared for his stinging powers, nettle is a plant that possde yet many virtues. In internal or external use, it does wonders for the hair, rnaux problems, inflammation or joint problems.

Everything is good in the nettle

Stinging nettle, nettle or small nettle, nettle is a plant used phytothrapie. Ds antiquity, its virtues are recognized to treat various infections, cough, or arthritis. All parts of this plant possdent propritsmdicinales: roots, leaves, flowers and seeds. They are used in many different ways, in decoction, poultice or tea. This plant is rich in minerals, such as calcium, zinc, iron or magnsium. She possde high in vitamins A, trace elements and chlorophyll. The phytostrols content in the roots allow to heal the intestines.

Nettle externally

To treat inflammatory pain, such as rheumatism or arthritis, it should be used as a poultice. It takes the work bowl Fraches leaves with green clay to get a good texture. Then you apply it on the painful areas for 30 minutes. To curb hair loss and eliminate dandruff, use nettle as shampoo. Infuse a handful of Fraches leaves in hot water and rinse your hair with this hair lotion. In cosmtique, nettle is Idale to eliminate the acne. Prepares an herbal tea as it applies to the face.

Nettle internal use

Rich in minerals, the nettle of possde reminralisants powers. In case of fatigue, it helps get fit. It is enough to take two handfuls of nettle leaves Fraches and infuse them in a quart of warm water. For two weeks, three drink four cups a day. This tea is also recommended for its effects to diuretics fight against rnaux stones or iron deficiency. Nettle is also an excellent food complment. It integrates very well in soups, velouts, pure or dirty pies. However, nettle is prohibited in pregnancy and is not used with some anti-inflammatory drugs or anticoagulants.

» Nettle and his innumerable virtues