Nasturtiums, from plants to IWe benefits

appointments incessant finished to the doctor for anything! Why not try the REMDES Mother Nature puts us? Plants with multiple benefits, sometimes insouponns, nasturtiums are quintessential care to maintain good health.

Nasturtiums, these pretty tall flowers in colors

Nasturtiums recognize their flowers in red, orange or brown. These are dveloppent from June. Sometimes they are wrapped in leaves. Vritables ornamental plants, leaves and flowers of nasturtiums were already employees in Peru as Remde disinfectant and healing. Besides their gorgeous colors, these plants also dtiennent great curative powers. They can be used in hair care and body. They allow for example to fight against colds otherwise.

A good hair care

A great asset of nasturtium is its effectiveness to cure ABMS hair. This plant makes it possible to provide more shine the hair. It is also an excellent tonic care and help combat hair loss. Here’s a recipe for REPAIRING ABMS your hair. Take a liter of water and let it boil a handful of leaves, flowers and seeds of nasturtiums Sches for a quarter of an hour. As soon as this decoction is cold, apply it on your hair.

The nasturtium, anti-cold plant by excellence

Bronchitis, cough or cold, nasturtium is an effective Remde to your chest and throat. Prparez infusion from leaves and flowers nasturtium Sches. Drink ye remover for your bronchial tubes. The nasturtium is also helping remdier a fivreux state and Confre better sleep.

The nasturtium and laxative effects

The Sches seeds of nasturtium dtiennent purgative properties. They actually help simplify the evacuation. Here’s a recipe prepare home. Please have 70 grams of Sches seeds and grind everything to obtain powder. Mlangez this powder with 150 grams of honey. Consume this Remde due to three teaspoons daily. You will very quickly feel the beneficial effects.

» Nasturtiums, from plants to IWe benefits