Menopause: jusqu’o can go phytothrapie?

For many women, menopause is a pretty pnible period both the physically and psychically. Yet, apart from the mdicamenteux treatments, it is quite possible to mitigate the symptoms thanks softer, natural methods, such as phytothrapie.

A decrease in hot comic

In recent years, the phytothrapie is particularly seeking to lower heat comic that appear during menopause. Some plants make it possible to rtablir hormonal imbalance that favors the appearance of this type of symptom Gnant enough. It is thus dnommes plants «œstrogne-like» that can stimulate hormonal activity. Note among other sage who, by stimulating the activity of the ovaries, will quickly curb the excesses of sweat, or hops which promotes the production of œstrognes by the body. Is inviting more and more our tables, soy is also known as as a particularly rich œstrognes food, so ideal to mitigate these heat comic.


The phytothrapie is also effective in the treatment of fatigue that occurs frequently during menopause. To help women overcome this period in all serenity, this alternative treatment is possible with rosemary, whose effectiveness is quite surprising in MATIRE permanent fatigue. this is added ginseng. Thanks to its tonic properties, without exciting be, it helps the body adapt better to different crisis situations.

Mood disorders

The menopause is also synonymous with mood disorders in some women. It can be a single drop of psychic tone or sentiment of dprime, sadness and despair as appropriate. On after a series of studies menes in the US and Germany, the concentrated wort active ingredients would provide the same results than chemical antidepressants, but without the Side effects. The valriane root is against recommended for the treatment of anxiety, nerve complications, depression, insomnia and different symptoms that are related the stress.

What about night sweats?

If prsentant as heavy sweating throughout the body, night sweats are also inseparable from menopause. Unfortunately, to this day, there is no good prcises studies that confirm that the herbal treatments are ACTUALLY effective against this type of symptom.

» Menopause: jusqu’o can go phytothrapie?