Marshmallow and its therapeutic advantages

The winter season has settled on the EUROPEN continent. It would be wise to connatre natural REMDES treating certain diseases of the mouth and throat that are part of the body organs can be weakened during a cold rough season. Marshmallow is a plant that possdent multiple phytothrapiques advantages useful for winter. It is also particularly known for treating problems of irritation of the mouth and throat. EMA, European Agency medicinal product, has also recognized that marshmallow root possde of properties that can cure the common cold, the dry cough and some lgers digestive problems.

Originating mditerranennes regions, this plant is cultivated since antiquity for its propritsmdicales. It is also CONSIDERED as one of the most powerful mucilaginous plants because of the large amount of mucilage which is produced by its cells. In presence of water, mucilage becomes frozen prsentant laxative properties, but also mollientes, promoting softening and relchement organic fabrics enflamms. As such, extracts of this plant are used to calm the inflammation and to heal wounds more easily. Note that the flower marshmallow contain up to 20% mucilage, while its root contains up to 30%.

The therapeutic uses of marshmallow

Another interesting lment Introduced in quantity in the marshmallow plant is pectin or pectic acid. This is a substance that also helps give a laxative effect which adds the mucilage. In addition, the pectin is an element capable of producing a hmostatique action to stop small hmorragies. Marshmallow, which is scientifically called Althaea officinalis, rarely causes indsirables events in a Therapeutic Use. However, it is always important to follow the dosage prescribed by his doctor to avoid the risk of allergy in some patients, pregnant women and children below ages.

To use the marshmallow against cough, sore throat and colds, are its flowers and leaves that are prpares as an infusion to be an effective Remde. While the roots of this plant in decoction prpares are employed in the treatment of several diseases of the mouth. The same decoction also helps to cure skin diseases, boils and wounds by local applications. In addition, the marshmallow-based ointment is prescribed to treat eczmas, while others REMDES mdicaux exist, including one used treat leucorrhes or white discharge.

» Marshmallow and its therapeutic advantages