Lavender, effective for colds and sinusitis

During the winter period, the body is more vulnrable to viruses and other germs. To help you pass this season without too much trouble and remdier flus, colds or sinus infections, consider the benefits of lavender.

Fight against pain and coulements instantly inhalation of lavender

The inhalation of lavender can quickly remover airways because its vapor contains several active. The dcongestionne heat, widens blood vessels, increases circulation and stimulates immune reflexes. To do this, take a bowl of water hot and add 5 drops of lavender essential oil.

Lavender dtient anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help mitigate the nasal secretions. Inhale the vapors for a quarter of an hour, a rate of three per day if you are in acute phase and once daily, prfrence the evening before bedtime if the cold is less important. The results will not be made to wait.

The beneficial effects and recipe for lavender tea

For the realization of lavender tea, take a tablespoon of lavender flowers you add in a quart of boiling water. Let the mix steep for three or four minutes and sweeten with honey. Drink 4 cups a day.

Lavender tea effectively soothe the flu and colds. In addition, this plant dtient of properties calming and sdatives, and thus suitable for large nervous. She is also on the intestines and stomach, and improves intestinal motor skills.

The essential oil of lavender to treat colds of winter

The lavender essential oil is employed for many centuries for its soothing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory or dsinfectantes. This oil is obtained by steam distillation and is extracted from extrmits lavender flowers.

This essential oil is especially effective against the common cold. Just pour two small drops on a neutral tablet or sugar and take three times a day. It will help you pass the most severe winters in complete tranquility.

» Lavender, effective for colds and sinusitis