Homeopathy: its specificities

These last ten years, the homeopathy has largely gained ground. A brief overview of this healing practice that has emerged between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century.

Birth and principles of homeopathy

The homeopathy was born thanks to Samuel Hahnemann. It adcouvert that by administering the cinchona bark of two individuals prsentant the same symptoms of tremors and fever, he could heal them. He also put the light on the fact that Remde causing similar symptoms on a healthy subject says. And thus he highlighted the principle of similarity, one of the foundations of homeopathy. This is also of that comes the name of the method: «homeo» for similarity, and «pathos» for suffering or disease.

The infinitsimalit is another principle of homeopathy. It implies that to heal the REMDES can only be taken in an amount infinitsimale. Therefore, it is essential to dilute several times in a mix of water or alcohol or only in water. Between each stage of dilution, a dynamic is — say a series of shocks, is made to the mix to increase the efficiency.

The individualization is the third principle. Each individual patient has in him a set of psychological, mental, physical or moral, among others. Knowledge of factors gives an overview of the disease and to make the homeopathic solutions most adquates.

The homeopathic medicines

To heal a patient, homopathe uses drugs that come from minral rgnes (such as sea salt or sulfur), vgtal (as arnica or belladonna) and animal (like the bee or snake venom). These drugs are prsentent form of granules or doses. In all cases, they are far from a dilution in CH PROCD for Centsimales Hahnemann.

There are three levels of dilution:

Low dilution between 4 and 5 CH to treat runny nose and other local symptoms

The average dilution of between 7 and 9 to end a CH fivreux tat among other examples more generals signs

The high dilution of between 15 and 30 HP for a more general behavior of the organism, as a situation of depression.

» Homeopathy: its specificities