Green weapon against smoking and alcoholism: Kudzu

Disorders of health begetting by tobacco and alcohol are no longer prove. The addiction to alcohol and tobacco has become a scourge the global scale and is probably the most difficult fight. Difficult, but not impossible fortunately. In the directory of phytothrapeutiques drugs, Kudzu is revealed Remde be effective against this abuse.

What is Kudzu?

Originally from the Eastern countries, including China and Japan, or Kudzu Vine Kudzu is an invasive plant that clings to walls and trees. It is a plant that grows very quickly and can reach 300 meters per year. Kudzu is exploited for its soothing. At first, the Chinese and the Japanese have introduced in their cooking because its root provides an exceptional fculent. Kudzu has been introduced in the US in the twentieth century. Companies have dmontr studies that this plant was ACTUALLY a beneficial effect for the defenses of the body and maintaining hormonal balance. These studies have rvl the presence of three flavonoids in the composition of Kudzu Vine.

How bout smoking and alcoholism?

For its calming action, the Kudzu helps overcome addiction to alcohol and tobacco. It does not feel the irresistible urge to have a drink or a cigarette because the calming effect that erases aussitt devouring desire. Moreover, the incidence of Kudzu on the hormonal system allows rguler considerably this deficit. Finally, its effect on the immune system helps the body reduce the harmful effects of nicotine and alcohol, especially on the most affects organs. Thus, the Kudzu not only to overcome the demons of tobacco and alcohol, but it also strengthens the defenses of the organism.

Treatment with Kudzu

Administregnralement orally as food supplement contained in glules, the Kudzu vine is the natural ally of choice for people suffering from addictive dependency. The dosage is 4 June glules per day and the price of the bottle 200 glules between 24 and 35 euros. Finally, we wish to emphasize that the fight against tobacco and alcohol Requires the support of relatives and an iron will. A followed mdicale is also recommended if you are a heavy smoker.

» Green weapon against smoking and alcoholism: Kudzu