Essential to know about aromatherapy

In everyday life, we keep in touch with many smells that are part of our life system. In recent affect our mood and our drive mode. Source of benefits and well-being, aromatherapy uses the gas plants to procure relaxation or health.

What the aromatherapy?

By definition, the aromatherapy dsigne a science and an art that, through essential oils, put the weapons plants in well-being of service and health. Thus, the base of the same is aromatherapy unveils in essential oils that are oily liquids obtained from the distillation of aromatic plants such as orange, eucalyptus, geranium, the lemon … essential oils only have their utility in aromatherapy. They maintain the body prvenant certain diseases or treating common diseases. Essential oils also act on the psyche, some calm, others stimulate.

What types of essential oils?

According DSIRE oil is used only part of the plant or the plant in its intgralit to extract the essence. In general, there are two types of essential oils, and positivantes ngativantes. Essential oils called «positivantes» clove or cinnamon, for example, have antiseptic properties, antibactriennes and powerful anti-infectious. By cons, is credited with essential oils «ngativantes» as those based geranium or basil soothing properties and anti-inflammatory.

How to use essential oils ?

While it is true that essential oils are the mainstay of aromatherapy, it is important to connatre their instructions. A priori, they are used in inhalation for good repercussions on the psyche and the physical. In compresses or friction must be diluted in order to avoid any risk of allergy or irritation. When employees in wrap, essential oils contribute to the well-being through massage baths or perfumes. Finally, essential oils can be used in atmosphrique broadcast Idale to clean the atmosphere of a local in order to soothe the body and mind. In all cases, it is best to seek the advice of a specialist if you have doubts about the use of these elixirs.

» Essential to know about aromatherapy