Essential oils and homeopathy

What interactions can have aromatherapy and homeopathy? Both are treatments with many advantages. However, it should be well informed before resorting simultaneously to homeopathy and the use of essential oils.

Aromatherapy and homeopathy: which differences?

The aromatherapy uses mainly essential oils, volatile and odorous substances scrtes by spcifiques parts of some vgtaux. The oils act via the brain to heal the body. Essential oils, whether or synthetics obtained from natural sources, are generally purified by distillation before being used. Nevertheless, it is better to use natural to make the most gasoline. The aromatherapy is trsrpute MATIRE in natural medicine, and is often combined with other natural therapeutic methods for better efficiency.

The Therapeutic homeopathy is a medicine based on the principle that a patient can be healed by the ingestion of a small dose of a substance which, in a healthy individual, cause the same effects as the disease treatment. The homeopathic prparations are tablies from a blend of active ingredients gradually dilus. the end of this cascade dilutions, there remain only a few molecules of active ingredients in the final preparation. The current homeopathy uses a thousand different REMDES.

REMDES homeopathic and use of essential oils

Some specialists in homeopathy are very clear on the fact that the use of essential oils is not compatible with homeopathic REMDES. There are essential oils that inhibit the action of certain homeopathic REMDES. They are very concentrated in natural chemicals that, when they are combins or taken simultaneously with other substances can cause indsirables effects. Essential oils that interfrent with homeopathic treatments are those that are extremely spicy, including peppermint oils, eucalyptus, camphor and black pepper.

Other homopathes by against, agree on the fact that aromatherapy and homeopathy can be used together in the healing process. The use of essential oils can complment rvler trsbnfique for some REMDES. It is important to get advice from an expert to avoid that, inadvertently, one eventually remove the potential of healing to Remde The Homeopathic homeopathy is indeed a form very fragile natural healing. It would also avoid the essential oils cited above if you want to use the Homeopathic medicine for an extended period.

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