Discover the properties of quack grass

Long mconnu, wheatgrass is now recognized for its therapeutic and nutritional benefits. Very simply, we can say that effectively cleanses your body of accumulated toxins. DISCOVER what you still ignore this perennial that will bring many benefits your health.

The Quackgrass

The Elytria repent or pharmacies wheatgrass is the best known and most used of all dandelions. It is called more familirement dog grass, dog lettuce or bl crawling. This white herbaceous and creeping measure between 50 cm and 1 meter high, it has flat leaves, flowers ft of very long roots and reproduces very quickly.

The active ingredients of wheatgrass

Its active ingredients are potassium salts, mucilage, mannitol, agropyrne essential oil, polysaccharide, and hydroxy tryptophan.

his propritsmdicinales

Couch grass presents of very many therapeutic properties that you can use everyday. If you cough, the infusion of wheatgrass helps you calm your cough quickly. This plant is also effective against cellulite and can very well be used as part of a slimming regime.

It also allows to treat more serious conditions. For example, it relieves rheumatism, dissolve rnaux calculations and improve urinary and digestive functions. It also relieves prostate problems and hpatiques disorders.

Couch grass presents particularly for diuretics and dpuratives virtues. You can use it as an anthelmintic, for you or for your children, scrupulously following the directions of the doctor or pharmacist.

It is also an excellent antioxidant and is a good antibiotic and Antibacterial.

food use of this plant

raw state, you can eat it boiled, and like the salads you can eat its young SEASONED Raw sprouts vinaigrette.

How to prepare a quack herbal tea?

Boil water, about 150 ml. Once boiled, fill a cup. Pour in May 6 coffee spoons roots of couch grass and let steep for ten minutes. Strain, and you can drink up to 4 cups per day.

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