Damiana, a plant aphrodisiac and a nerve tonic

Mexican plant, damiana also bears the name of Turnera aphrodisiaca because of its aphrodisiac effects both in men than women. Sexual stimulant trsrput Mexico, damiana is also a good tonic nervous.

Damiana an aphrodisiac th

Otherwise known as the tea jenny, damiana is a plant of the family Turnraces that grows in the United States in some countries of Central America, especially in Mexico. leaves of consumption for their aphrodisiac properties in Mexico dates back to Mayan times. Damiana retains its reputation for sexual stimulant and is consumed as a tea, instead of th Mexico. In addition, the leaves of the damiana possdent flavor scent very pleasant.

As a sexual stimulant, damiana is prconis humans in cases of sexual impotence, ejaculation or sexual dysfunction prcoce Gauss by a hormonal imbalance. Studies have actually proven that damiana leaf had the effect of increasing the vitality of spermatozodes and numbers. In women, they intervene in the rgulation the menstrual cycle, particularly in girls. As an aphrodisiac, Damiana is a good stimulant of ovarian function.

Damiana, an antidepressant and toning nervous

As a tonic nervous, damiana is especially recommended in case of intellectual and physical fatigue or stress. This plant is an excellent rgnrant if asthnie lightweight and quickly share the risk of addiction. It is used in treatment of lgres dpressions and demonstrated great effectiveness on dpressions or anxiety related sexual problem.

In a Therapeutic use, tea or damiana Jenny takes in infusion rate of 2 cups per day on average. Damiana is also under various pharmaceutical prparations: conditionns of extracts glules or Tablets. For glules, the daily dose is in general from 2 April glules take with water. In Tablets, take one tablet before each meal. In all cases, it is advisable to seek the advice of a specialist, especially if you follow a medical treatment.

» Damiana, a plant aphrodisiac and a nerve tonic