Create a perfume with essential oils

With the variety of essential oils, it is no longer necessary to dpenser fortunes to afford beautiful fragrances and specially those that suits us. In matrisant the right techniques, you can create a totally natural fragrance, unique and out series.

Must essential oils in perfumery.

To create a perfume in the rules of the art, the combination of three essential oils is mandatory. First, the basic essential oil rpondant also the common name of fixing essential oil. Its role to fix the scent of other essential oils or make them last. Generally, it must be composed of essential oils base of patchouli, sandalwood, cedar wood, timber or GAAC yet angelic. Second, the essential oil of key heart is one that has the most dominant odor. It can confrer a scent is floral or boise either piece.

For a floral heart, promote essential oils based marjoram, geranium rosat, palmarosa, ylang ylang, sclare sage and lemongrass. For the creation of a wooden heart, promote basic essential oils of pine and rosewood. To create a peak heart, use essential oils of thyme, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and myrrh. In third and last place, the essential oil key head which is the first clown exhalation ds the bottle opening. The key head must be composed of essential oils of bergamot, genivre, lavender, coriander, noble chamomile, tarragon, mint or cumin.

How to create a 100% natural fragrance?

To create an authentic flavor, the mix should be composed of 15% essential oil and 85% water and alcohol. To create a perfume water, it takes 15% essential oils, very little alcohol and 82% water. On the difference of perfume, eau de parfum Does not require a infinitsimale amount of alcohol. To create a toilet water, the composition will be necessary with only 8% of essential oils. The amount will still be with reduced for the creation of a cologne that will be composed of 5% essential oils.

Whatever creates fragrance, so that it is completely natural, it must be used distilled water in the composition. The alcohol used must be 100% pure if not, you should use the spirits such as vodka.

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