Comfrey: its properties and benefits

Comfrey is rich in allantone. This substance boosts renewal of cutaneous and bone cells. Thanks to this asset, comfrey is recommended as an adjunct to treat bruises, fractures and sprains. This plant is also used to stop the dermatological conditions, to mention that cases of boils and psoriasis. In cases of burns and cuts, comfrey is also a great help.

Comfrey contains tannin, a substance that is found in creams comfrey and oily macrations. The tannins are effective for faster healing and to effectively Asscher the lesions.

Comfrey terminates muscle pain

Following rpts movements, muscles can prsenter excruciating pain. In this case, comfrey is used as qu’antidouleur and anti-inflammatory. It allows dnouer muscle contractions, including those that form at the back. It also helps to reduce the swelling that might apply. When comfrey is intended these uses, it presents as a balm. The application, which can be done several times a day, accompanied by a lightweight massage. The harsh treatment should not excder a month.

Comfrey, a Remde against stomach upset

This plant is particularly effective to treat inflammation of the stomach lining. These inflammations prsentent, among others, in cases of ulcer and gastritis. To cure such ills, comfrey is taken orally as a tea. For infusion, immerse six comfrey leaves in a liter of boiling water. Let stand a few minutes before filtering. This tea is consumed cold.


When comfrey is consumed orally, a medical opinion is therefore essential. The plant contains pyrrolizidine, of alkaloids that can cause significant damage to the liver. The dosage and hard use so must be prescribed by a doctor.

» Comfrey: its properties and benefits