Burdock: do you know its benefits?

Burdock is primarily presents in the temperate regions of Asia, America and Europe. It has large leaves that are, with the root, very raised in the area of ​​phytothrapie. Indeed, burdock is mainly composed of potassium nitrate, inulin, alcohol acids, vgtales hormones, polynes and polyines which are considrs as elements assets against many diseases.

The uses of burdock

Burdock is mainly employed as natural as Remde dpuratives given its virtues and antibiotics. It can prsenter in many different ways depending on its use.

The burdock juice is used against appendicitis. Boil 60 grams of Frache root in a liter of water for 6 minutes and drink a half glass of a sudden for treatment.

The infusion or decoction used against breast tumors, diseases of the digestive tract such as stomach cramp. For this, it will take three six grams per cup of burdock in a pint of water to drink three times daily or applied to the skin.

The kinpira is to cook pieces of roots in a pole. They will then jumps in oil for about three minutes. Throw in a little water and season all tamari sauce. Cook for a few minutes and then remove the cover for the liquid evaporates completely. This preparation will help in the treatment of anemia.

Used as a poultice, Fraches the leaves and roots of burdock will crases heaters and then put into a machine and then be applied to the affected skin eczma example. For colds that last too long, rheumatism or chronic lung disease, the poultice should also. The water chestnuts leaves in olive oil are also an excellent healing in case of wounds on the legs.

The oil extracted from burdock root presents in creams and lotions used against inflammation or infection of the skin, or to prvenir hair loss.

» Burdock: do you know its benefits?