Arrtez smoking thanks the phytothrapie!

The phytothrapie among the effective natural methods to assist smokers in their priple smoking cessation. It turns out that the active substances contained in certain plants are of great help to cope with different symptoms observs during smoking cessation, such as anxiety, d premium, irritability, insomnia and especially the desire and urge to smoke. Today, these active substances are available in pharmacies in the form of oral sprays, glules and blisters.

The lobelia, a nicotine substitute for excellence

The lobelia is an excellent substitute for nicotine. The lobline, one of its main alkaloids exerted on the brain similar effects those produced by nicotine without entraner a risk of dependency.

St. John’s wort and its soothing properties

St. John’s wort is an excellent antidepressant which helps to relax and effectively face the anxiety and stress GNRs by nicotine deprivation. Hyperforin, one of its active ingredients stimulates the production of noradrnaline, dopamine and serotonin, a substance that helps the rgulation motivation and mood.

Find sleep with valriane

The valriane help deal with sleep disorders. This is precisely the valrique acid and valtrate contained in this herb that helps the reduction of sleep time and increased the hard and sleep quality . It allows also to avoid sleepiness during the day.

avoid nervous disorders thanks to the horehound

Horehound used mainly calm nervous disorders GNRs by the tobacco stopped. In addition to its anxiolytic properties and antidpressives, this plant is also appreciates for its sdatives and antispasmodic.

Replenish your energy with green coffee

Smoking cessation promotes an energy drop considrable. For remdier there, it is advisable to drink another time green coffee that will restore the energy and tone.

» Arrtez smoking thanks the phytothrapie!