All the essential oil of garlic

Garlic is a potagre plant family of liliaces. It presents in many varieties depending on the country and the season. In the kitchen, it is ideal to flavor many dishes thanks to its sharp odor. In addition, garlic contains also many virtues and Medicinal Uses all civilizations have efore his mrites. Over time, man has evolved in its research and garlic is now available form of essential oil.

The essential oil of garlic is obtained by vaporizing its bulbs. The drivs chemical components of this distillation contain the elements that can heal and cure many ailments. To use, garlic oil should not be affixed pure state on the skin. It must be diluted with water before application. In addition, dconseille prsentant people sensitive or allergic skin using. The same is true for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

The therapeutic properties of the essential oil of garlic

The power of garlic heal vascular disease Confre him the title of «magic condiment.» Moreover, the essential oil of garlic is also rpute for the treatment of tuberculosis or asthma. We also recommend the a person with diabetes. Digestive disorders, problems in the urinary system or vaginal infections? A few drops of garlic oil are enough to make them disappear.

Consumption of garlic oil rgulire helps promote the strengthening of immunity and you will avoid the rcurrence of certain infectious diseases. Excellent antiseptic, it also helps accelerate the healing of your wounds and Remde against insect piqres. For dermatological treatments or cutans, the essential oil of garlic is also recommended. An infusion add a few drops of garlic oil is Idale against toothache. For a better shape and a body still in good health, no longer hesitate to accompany your meal a few drops of garlic oil.

» All the essential oil of garlic